Simura Group

About Us

Simura Group, banking upon her entrepreneurial zeal, is striving to venture in every possible growth areas that economy offers.

Its journey dates back to 1988, when the flagship company of the group, The Golden Fiber Trade Centre Ltd (GFTCL), giving primary focus upon Jute and all other indigenously grown bast fibres, started exporting Raw Jute, Kenaf and Meshta as well as traditional Jute Goods like Jute Sacks, Hessian Cloth and bags, Jute Twine, Carpet Backing Cloth (CBC) and Geo-textiles etc.

Over the last 27 years, because of profound sensitivity towards consumers around the globe, the group attained a height of excellence in handling both natural and man-made fibre based products and became most trusted and committed supplier.

The Golden Fiber Trade Centre Ltd (GFTCL) is the  flagship company of the group

Fibre, having been the core competency of Simura Group, in 2000, it made its courageous attempt to introduce jute as technically, ecologically and financially viable raw material amongst diversified non-woven industries. Now it is a matter of great pride that globally reputed car maker like Macedez is using car components made of our golden fibre. Jute is now being used to produce paper, insulation material, composite board, furniture, high value fashionable textiles, decorative packaging & bags etc.

Simura Non-Woven Ltd., since 2012, has been providing most effective solution to its clientele by supplying a wide range state-of-the-art exquisitely designed bags made out of non-woven fabric of Jute as well as other machine-made fibres. Within a very short span of time, successfully crossing the boundary, it has managed to be acclaimed as one of the leading bag makers and exporters which has got all the capabilities to deliver to customers’ satisfaction.

Simura Mercantile and Industrial Co Ltd. is distinctly aiming to tap industrial opportunities where our country would like to have competitive edge in harnessing international market and exploit enormous potentiality local market will obviously offer in the days coming. Commodity trading and export import of certain highly prospective goods are the things that the company wholeheartedly intends to pursue.

Reinvention and creativities are the values that Simura Group upholds and nurtures in every operational spheres.

It is on a constant search for finding new and new possibilities where Group may consider to redirect her future.

In 2003, the group diversified in real estate and property development business. Simura Construction Co Ltd (SCCL) stepped into real estate world with its aesthetically elegant project “SIMURA GOLD” targeting the high-end market.

Hospitality and hotel is the world that Simura Group intends to penetrate into as the next onslaught and to respond to the call of burgeoning economy, Simura Hotel and Resort Ltd. is about to launch its first project.


In commensurate with our core corporate philosophy upheld over the last 23 years, we intend to pioneer in every possible prospective area that economy offers where we think Bangladesh have got unparalleled competitive edge.


Fibre, being the core competency, we promote indigenously grown raw material based products and continuously search for areas where our country’s enormous growth opportunity awaits.


At Simura Group, we

  • Value reinvention and creativity
  • Consider ‘responsiveness towards stakeholders’ as our core strength
  • Put emphasis to think and act coherently
  • Reward hard work, sincerity, honesty and professionalism
  • Motivate our people to become thorough
  • Encourage constructive criticism
  • Advise our people to become cost conscious and punctual