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SIMURA Hotel & Resort

With the robust economic growth achieved over the last two decades, Dhaka is becoming a happening city as it is being regarded as the economic junction of this region. For different purposes, visitors are rushing here who essentially need pleasant, safe and homely staying and hassle free commuting from one place to another within and outside the city.

Outdoor Seating


Inadequacy in hospitality arrangements in terms of sufficient number of hotels, tourist infrastructures and associated facilities necessitated Simura Hotel and Resort Ltd. to launch her first venture in a prime location of Dhaka city.

All Simura Resort rooms will have free Wi-Fi and other usual facilities that busy commuters will obviously like to see readily available. It will also feature a spa, lounge, rooftop and other dining options offering multi-cuisine delight of highest standard, shisha and modern conveniences that includes a 24-hour front desk and room service.

Common Space


No matter if the visitors are busy business travelers or leisure seekers, the guests will be rendered all necessary services to make them feel at home by arranging on call transportation, all sorts of on-line bookings wherever necessary and attractive tour packages.

Dhaka, having been one of the fastest growing commercial hubs, requires sufficient number of convention centres or celebration halls to hold numerous national, regional an international events. Simura will offer her distinctly decorated halls to this effect.

Bedroom & Toilet


Tour packages will be the most exciting ones that Simura Report will come up with. On number of considerations, the tourists will get interested. They will be given unique tour experiences in terms of vacationing and relaxing to such exotic locations where leisure-seekers will have a never-seen-before feeling.

Simura believes that trade and leisure go hand in hand. That is where our promise begins.

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